Lake District Estates

Our company mission and values


Our Mission
To be an influential family-owned player in the Cumbrian tourism industry, contributing positively to the economy, community and environment of the region.

Our Purpose, We Exist To….
Create special, individual, places experiences and special memories in areas of outstanding natural surroundings.

Our Positioning
Because of our special, individual locations, respect for our environment and inclusive atmosphere, we will become Cumbria’s most desirable place for holidays and experiences.

Our Values
Personal | Respectful | Consistent | Sustainable

We cherish our parks and the experiences that we create. We know the little things we do make a big difference. By anticipating needs and treating everyone like family, we are thoughtful, caring and responsible; with a personal touch, we go the extra mile for our customers and each other.

We show respect in all our interactions, valuing every person and everything we encounter. Our ethos is rooted in active listening, tolerance, support, consideration, and encouragement of diverse perspectives. Cultivating respect builds stronger teams that consistently set and uphold higher standards.

We value fairness, treating everyone with integrity and equality. We honour our commitments through decisive actions. Embracing innovation and sharing best practices, we continuously evolve. By anticipating needs and providing clear context in all communication, we consistently deliver a seamless and reliable experience.

Through continuous efforts, we enhance sustainability by reducing our carbon footprint through recycling, reusing, and thoughtful actions. In our shared environmental goals, we foster a long-term perspective, reinvesting for a sustainable future.